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Business Capabilities and Value Streams

01/03/2016 · Value streams decompose into business processes allowing you to visualise the business “in motion” while capabilities visualise the business “at rest”. Capabilities mapped to various value stream stages also map to organisation units, information and applications application is an IT architecture domain, creating robust focal points for transformation activities. What is a Value Stream? A 60 second introduction to the concept of value streams and their importance to the business. Paused. You just watched: What is a. Use iServer to align the strategic objectives and tactical demands of your Business Architecture, as well as improve the communication with the wider enterprise. Read more. Related. They wrongly think that value stream is a synonym of process. Although these concepts are closely related, they are not identical. Indeed, all value streams are processes but most processes are only fragments of value streams. Processes are the real business architecture building blocks. Business Capabilities and Value Streams – Essential elements for Business Architecture by Bib Shukla on LinkedIn Pulse There are two thought process for analyzing the competitive advantage of an enterprise, business capability and value stream.

Capstera Business Architecture Value Stream Mapping software features help craft value streams, the "How" to complement business capabilities, the "What". 27/07/2017 · Some value streams produce revenue, or end-user value directly, in which case revenue may be an appropriate measure. Other metrics such as market share or solution usage may provide additional insight. Other value streams, or elements of a value stream. The 2004 book, Enterprise Business Architecture, by Ralph Whittle and Conrad Myrick, provides a common reference model by defining the business strategy, governance, organization, and business. • Value stream reinvention usually involves total redesign of a system.

stream. Key elements of the business architecture value stream include identification of the triggering and participating stakeholders, as well as the value proposition delivered by the value stream, and incremental value items that accrue along the way to achieving the value proposition. To put it simply, the business architecture value stream. Value stream mapping is a tool you can use when looking at ways to implement lean manufacturing principles. Find out how to make and use value stream maps. Some business architects use the concept of value stream rather than business process. Historically that is because many process architectures were not constructed with a cross functional value creation point of view. If your process architecture is value centric I feel that you do not need both maps but you may have them if you wish.

Business Capabilities and Value Streams.

This webinar will address how to identify, define, model, and map a value stream to other key components of an enterprise’s Business Architecture, as follows: Introduction – introduces the concept of value, how it relates to. Business Architecture is the critical link between strategy and execution. It can drastically accelerate an organization’s ability to bring their business and IT teams together and drive enterprise-wide changes that support their company’s strategic vision. 20/11/2009 · Course Description: The Building a Business Architecture Using Value Chains and Value Streams class describes an approach and method for building an architecture of the business. It explains how to build and integrate your customer centric cross-functional processes, sometimes called value streams or capabilities, with the IT. Business Architecture & Business Process Management. Benefits of Aligning BA & Business Process Management BPM Principles of Aligning BA & BPM. Capability/Business Process Mapping. Value Stream/Business Process Mapping. Process Aggregation & decomposition. BA & BPM Alignment Usage Scenarios. Business Architecture & Case Management. Case.

Read this article entitled "The Place of Business Architecture within Enterprise Architecture" written by Daniel Lambert, VP Business Architect at Benchmark. Call Us Today! 855.798.2042 info@biz it has worked recently with the Business Architecture Guild® to deliver its own TOGAF® Capability and Value Stream Guides. 8th Annual Business Architecture Innovation Summit and Scenario-based Workshop The Business Architecture Quick Guide by the Business Architecture Guild® is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and as a single order or in bulk from MK Press. • Gain hands on experience in business architecture capability and value mapping • Produce reference content for the global business architecture community • Provide a foundation for synchronizing existing industry reference models • Jumpstart in -house efforts for your business architecture. Value Streams are the second pillar, alongside Business Capabilities, in the business architecture realm. In essence, if Capabilities are the “What,” the Value Streams are the “How.” Specifically, the Record to Report is a critical value stream in the finance and accounting area.

Business Architecture and Value Stream With a Business Architecture built with integrated value streams, you can build a value chain as defined above. For example, looking inside a typical mid-size, “build-to-order” manufacturer, you will find the following sixteen value streams. 01/11/2011 · The Bad Ass BA: “Business Architect”?. Business Architecture occurs when you integrate two or three or more different core cross-functional business processes in an engineering type of model,. A value stream is an end-to-end collection of activities that creates a result for a customer. 4 to clarify how business processes can be constructed; 5 to determine which business performance metrics should be used. 3 Value-streams The collective use of activities to satisfy a customer’s request leads to the notion of a value-stream which is an end-to-end collection of those activities both value-added and non-value In the business sector, business architecture is a discipline [citation needed] that "represents holistic, multidimensional business views of: capabilities, end‐to‐end value delivery, information, and organizational structure; and the relationships among these business views and strategies, products, policies, initiatives, and stakeholders.

Value Chains, Value Streams, Value Nets, and Value.

business is required; organic methods unlock partial value. Your data has to be modeled, period. A capability driven business takes value to the next level enabling enterprise reuse at scale. A capability based enterprise architecture unlocks the value of the.

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